Innovative & Intelligent technology solutions are now simplified.

We keep it simple, no matter how complicated the problem is.


Signi5sys is a solutions provider engaged in solving complex business requirements with cutting edge technology solutions. We not only offer once-off software solutions to the business, but also provide unique and innovative approaches with measurable outcomes that improve overall user experience.



Serverless Computing & DevOps as a Service (SDaaS) enables us to provide scalable and flexible serverless cloud solutions in less time and at reduced cost. Our expert team is capable of providing custom solutions to manage and monitor your infrastructure thereby ensuring they run seamlessly without disruption.



With Architecture as a Service(AaaS), we offer system design, information quality and security assurance. We can provide solutions with architecture and domain conforming to different standards and company specifications.



Artificial Intelligence as a Service/Internet Of Things as a Service (AIaaS/IOTaaS) delivers tailored cloud based IOT and AI solutions to empower businesses with fast, efficient data analytics and insights. Our motto is business transformation with data driven innovations.



Optimization as a Service (OaaS) offers performance tuning and optimization for your enterprise IT + cloud infrastructure and applications.



Network Function Virtualization as a Service (NFVaaS) includes design and development of enterprise/telco network applications using virtualized functions. We also offer intelligent and automated lifecycle management of virtualized services in a vendor-agnostic manner.

About Us


Signi5sys stands for Significant Systems and
5 represents the unique solution verticals that we focus on.

We strive to be different from day one. Our diverse, dedicated and professional team truly adheres to the saying "Customer is King". We insist on high standards for our products, processes and services to deliver the best experience to our customers. Our promise to our customers is the ‘high availability’ software solutions with world class reliability, availability and serviceability.

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